mermaid hair shampoo conditioner katelyn fleming

As I state at the beginning of almost all my hair related blog post, when it comes to anything hair I am very very picky. I spent from February 2009- February 2015 working full time behind a salon chair. During the time period I was exposed to a huge variety of hair products. I sat through multiple product knowlesge classes breaking down every ingredient and what each one does. What I'm pretty much trying to say is, when it comes to hair I know my shit. 

Whenever I run out of a product, I already begin thinking of what next product I am going to try. During my pregnancy I had stocked up on multiple shampoos and conditioners, so when I realize all 4 different set were low I got excited. This meant a lovely trip to Cosmoprof. Instead I found myself wondering around an Urban Outdits and stumbled across a product that was made for me.  

Guys, you KNOW my mermaid obsession so just imagine my excitement when I saw a brand called "Mermaid Hair". I mean for goodness sake, most every time a client would come by the salon they would request my typical "mermaid curl" look I would give almost everybody. I quickly grabbed the product and was thankful it had been days since I washed my hair. Okay, that's a lie. I wasn't exactly thankful but I'm trying to glam up the fact that I have a 3 month old and hair washing days are far and few.  

mermaid hair shampoo conditioner katelyn fleming

I waited for Adalyn to go to sleep for the night, grabbed the baby monitor, and hoped in the shower. The first thing that made my heart dance was the smell. I don't even know how to describe it there than it smells like... something tropical but the super fancy version of tropical. Goodness that sounded crazy but just trust me on this. Side note, I saw they make candles and this girl is going to need about 80.

The texture of the shampo is pretty thick so I began with my journal quarterish size amount and began applying the product to my scalp. I knew right then and there that this shampoo was not loaded with solfate because there was no lather. I'm going to briefly explain what I mean by that. Most drugstore shampoos are loaded with solfate and what solfate does it cause the shampoo to bubble or suds. It's an  unnecessary ingredient really. When a product has little to no solfate, it won't immediately lather. Now here's the trick, if you are using a solfate free shampoo and your hair doesn't lather, it means it's still dirty. So what you do is shampo it again until you get a lather. Once you see the lather and bubbles then you know your hat cuticle has been removed all the yuck.  

mermaid hair shampoo conditioner katelyn fleming

It had been about 4 days (don't judge me homie) so it took 3 shampoos to get my hair clean. I enjoyed every "fancy tropical" scented moment of it. I noticed the conditioner was on the thinner side but I could feel the silkness of the product so I knew it was going to properly moisturize my hair. I loaded the conditioner on my dry blonde hair and spent the next 5 minutes letting it soak while brushing all my postpartum hair loss out. When it came time to rinse, my hair felt so silky. Have you ever used a conditioner so good that you can feel the softness while your hair is wet? This did that but amplified. 

After checking the baby monitor and seeing Adalyn was still sleeping, I grabbed my round brush and clips and went to town. That's one wonderful thing about being a hairstylist is always being able to give yourself a blowout.  

I naturally have wavy hair so it usually takes a few runs to get it smooth, but I noticed it took significantly less round brush runs this time. I finished the blow out and ran my hands through my hair. It felt so soft. Soft enough that I ran out and made my husband touch it. Flash forward to the next morning after a little bit of spit up and postpartum night swets, still soft. That never usually happens because my hair instantly frizzes but this time it didn't. 

I have now been using it for 3 weeks and I am HOOKED. I mean how lucky did I get? An amazing product NAMED AFTER MERMAIDS! HELLO! AMAZING!!!!

Lets put it this way, when I start re-accepting clients in my home salon, this will one of the stars of the shampoo bowl show!  

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