Let me first start off by saying that Jaclyn Hill is my queen. Seriously, she's probably the only human on this planet I fully idolize.. Aside from her quirky personality being very similar to mine, she is incredibly down to earth, humble, and I have the utmost respect for her.

If you dont know who Jaclyn Hill is, Jaclyn is a 25 year old professional makeup artist who took over YouTube with her makeup tutorials and her spunky, bubbly, and charismatic personality. Jaclyn has done multiple affiliate related products over the years with brands such as Morphe and Bellami, but her most successful one by far has been with Becca Cosmetics

Jaclyn and Becca Cosmetics blew the highlighter game out of the water with the release of Champagne Pop, which was initially supposed to only be a limited edition product but to our joy it has become a permanent addition to Becca Cosmectics, as well as Sephora.

Following the success of Champagne Pop and another Limited Edition Holiday 2015 Pallet, in June 2016 Becca and Jaclyn announced they have been working on the new holy grail of face pallets, The Champagne Glow Collection! This collection would feature The Champagne Glow Pallet, Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfecter, Champagne Pop Poured Creme, and The Champagne Collection Eye-shadow Pallet, which unfortunately got pulled after a soft release due to manufacturing inconsistencies. 

The morning of the release of the collection, my sweet husband went ahead and surprised me and ordered me the pallet 2 minutes after it went live. After 3 long days stalking the mailman, my beautiful pallet showed up! Very surprisingly, I have never even swatched Champagne Pop. Not even once. So I naturally ripped the package open as fast as possible and at that moment, went to heaven. I was initially surprised at how gold toned both highlighters were since I am someone that always goes for a icy highlight but oh my goodness, once I swatched it I immediately understood what they meant by GLOW.

The Pallet comes with 5 total shades consisting of 3 blushes and 2 highlighters. 

  • Champagne Pop Highlighter
  • Presseco Pop Highlighter
  • Amaretto Blush
  • Pamplemousse Blush
  • Rose Sprtiz Blush

Let's also just say, the packaging is to die for.

This was my first Becca purchases and I was very pleased. The formula itself is so buttery and blendable. The shade choices are stunning, the packaging is stunning, everything about this is stunning. Overall this pallet is definitely a steal for the price of $52.00 considering Beccas single compacts are priced around $38.00. The pallet has already sold out online but Becca has recently began the hashtag #findchampagneglow to help locate any pallets still available in stores for purchase! I 100% recommend this to anyone, and now am going to be a lifetime costumer of Becca, as well as my Queen Jaclyn Hill when she releases her own makeup line hopefully in 2017!


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