Carli Bybel Pallet BH Cosmetics

I have had this post stupidly sitting in my "draft" section for a very long time and I keep forgetting to publish it. I recently did my Ride Or Die Makeup Tag and in it I had to pick 1 eye shadow pallet I couldn't live without, and let me tell you this Carli Bybel pallet was very very very close to winning and replacing Morphe. 

I recently discovered BH Cosmetics this past summer and within a month I made 2 major orders from them. Now, the wonderfully thing about BH is that "2 major orders" means 72 brushes, 2 shadow pallets, 1 contour pallet, 1 beauty sponge, 1 lip stick pallet, 1 brow pallet, and much more. All of that TOTAL was under $150. Yes, I got 72 brushes and all of that wonderful makeup goodies for under $150. I firmly believe this is one of the most under rated brands on the market. You just do not beat this price point. Recently BH Cosmetics jumped hardcore into the makeup news when Kylie Jenner decided to release a eye shadow pallet that very strongly resembles BH Cosmetics collaboration with ShannXo.

I will picture them next to each other below in case you are curious. 

Yeah uh, if you ask me they are pretty freaking close to being almost identical and Kylies pallet runs for $42 vs BH pallet for $15. This single handedly should already get you to jump on the BH train.

Anyway, back on track to Carli Bybels pallet gloriousness. 

Carli Bybel Pallet Swatches
Carli Bybel Pallet Swatches
Carli Bybel Pallet Swatches

 I seriously think these swatches speak for themselves. Guys, that is ONE finger swipe. One. I am going to start doing what Stephanie Nicole does where she does finger swatches next to brush swatches so you can get the full visual on how these products work.

I know that most makeup reviews always go through the trigger words of "buttery" and "smooth" but yall, this really is a wonderful pallet. There is some shadow fall out when you stick your brush into the pallet itself but honestly that is expected with a fairly priced pallet. My concern when using shadows and highlighters is the payout on my skin, not what is happen in pan. There is a beautiful variety of shimmers to mattes so you can use this one pallet to do your entire shadow look, and you are able to create many looks from it. 

Carli Bybel Pallet Eyeshadow Highlighter BH Cosmetics

I think one of my favorites things about this pallet is that every shade can be used as a shadow. I very frequently find myself grabbing to two lighter highlight shades for a lid shade, and ugh look at those bronzes. If you are aiming for a bronzed goddess, those are going to be your best friends.

I prefer the quality of this pallet over Morphe pallets and the ONLY reason the Morphe pallet made my Ride Or Die tag over this one is because the Morphe pallet had more shadows. I do have another BH shadow pallet which is not as good as a quality as this one, so I believe BH is spending a little extra time and love on their collabs which is the opposite of what major brands usually do. For example, all the hell currently surrounding NikkieTutorials (aside from me not liking her, I think she has completely sold out and will do anything and promote anything to make a quick buck). Recently Nikkie collaborated with TooFaced and lets just say the pallet did not stand up to par with any other TooFaced shadows and she has gotten severely called out for it (rightfully so). The reason this happens with collabs normally is because a major brand knows that all these gurus fans will jump on buying anything with their name on it, so they dumb down the ingredients, rush production, and put it on the market asap instead of spending time to make sure they are making a quality product. I fully believe BH spends extra time on making sure their collabs are a little something extra special, and because of that I have gained massive respect for them.

All in all, I recommend this brand and this pallet big time. You will not find a better price point and the quality of the product itself it phenominal. I cannot wait to purchase my next round from BH Cosmetics.

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