Eyes Lips Face, also know as Elf Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand that specializes in cruelty free makeup ranging in the price points of $1.00, $3.00, and $6.00. Elf products are currently found in over 700 Target stores, as well as some Walmart, Kmart, and Dollar Stores. With such a low price point and such easy access, many people have wondered if the product is actually the quality of $1.00, $3.00, and $6.00 products, or did the founders hit the nail on the head by creating amazing products for an even more amazing price! 

Yeah so, the founders definitely hit the nail on the head! I have been using Elf for years and these are the current 4 most used products I have. I do have a couple brushes from them but I have beaten them into the ground with over use so I decided not to picture them. With that said, Elf is amazing on all levels. The pigmentation in all their products is to par with high end makeup brands. They offer amazing options for dupes as well. As pictures below, the Elf duo blush/bronzer split pan is a perfect dupe for NARS Orgasm/Laguna!

I did get both pictures off of google because I currently do not own the NARS pallet because I am using the ELF one as it's replacement.

I did get both pictures off of google because I currently do not own the NARS pallet because I am using the ELF one as it's replacement.

Another product I just love is Elfs brow gel in Crystal clear. So I'm gonna be real with you (as I always am), a brow gel is a brow gel. You do not need to spend $22.00 on Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Gel when you can get this one for way less, that does just as good as a job. When applying this or any brow gel remember to give it time to dry. If you go right in with your product afterwards it will make applying your product a pain in the ass. I like to apply it before, let it sit for 5 minutes, go in with my brow products, and then do a quick swipe over it when I'm done for a final seal. 

The final product I have to review is the Elf Mineral Glow Powder. I cannot remember why I bought this or even when I bought this but I did and I am glad I did. This product does have a glitter base so this is definitely not an every day glow but for a special occasion it is amazing! I suggest applying this very lightly over your contour for an extra glowy vibrance OR you can use it alone in a light dusting all over your foundation if you are looking for a no makeup makeup day! Key word, light dusting.

All in all Elf is an AMAZING brand with a lot of different products and everyone should give them a try. I really love their brushes, skincare, and makeup products. They are an incredible quality for a unbeatable price point. They also offer a line of false eyelashes sets that are only $2.00!

I use these lashes consistently and always get compliments on them. They are very light and fluttery and provide a lengthened natural look. You will need to trim the outer edges to fit your eye shape but that makes them have a more natural and comfy fit. I do suggest not using the glue that comes with them. I am very picky about lash glue since it is going on my prized and loved lashes so stick with Dou glue or whatever lash glue you normally use. Over all I strongly recommend this brand to anyone and I am sure you will immediately become obsessed. Also, on my Pinterest I do have a Dupes board that has a lot of Elf dupes for designer brands, so I will link that here for you to check it out! 

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