Morphe Brushes popped into the makeup industry and they are making damn sure that you know they are here to stay. It really seemed like overnight they blew up and you found yourself sitting there watching YouTube like "Where the hell did this brand come from and why are those pallets so big? Wait, Jaclyn Hill is using it? The pallet is HOW MUCH for THAT many shades? Where do I get one? No seriously, you don't get what I am saying. I need this damn thing and I need it now!" And just like that we were all under Linda Morphes makeup heaven spell and loving every single minute of it. 

I'll be very honest when I say it took me a very long time to commit to purchasing from Morphe because of all the recent controversy with the brand. To give you a quick summery of what is going on without boring the crap out of you, Morphe private labels all their products, got called out for it, denied it repeatedly even though there is solid evidence proving so, and then bashed a smaller YouTuber for exposing the truth. Mamma don't like that. Listen, you can make the best makeup product in the world but if I don't feel your integrity and heart are in the right place then I will have a very very very hard time supporting your brand (I am looking at you Jeffree Star). Later Linda Morphe did release a statement saying how her SnapChat rant towards Stephanie Nicole was misinterpreted and she apologized for everything so because of that I realized the time to coat my soul and body in Morphe pallets had began and let me tell you, I filled up that online shopping cart so damn quick.

Morphes best selling pallet is the 35O as well as the Jaclyn Hill favorites which is no longer available (come on now guys, bring it back and please don't force me to drop $75.00 on one on PoshMark!) I for some reason found myself not jumping for joy over the 35O like I thought I would. There are about 15 colors I seriously love but the rest of them I knew I would never touch and I couldn't bring myself to buy a pallet I wasn't completely drooling over. I was looking from some warm tones but also some shimmered tones for my lid area. Well, lucky me that Morphe had just released the 35F Fall Into Frost pallet and I fell hard for how perfect the pallet was. 28 shimmers shadows with 7 matte warm tones, this pallet had to have been designed by the makeup gods with me in mind. The pallet is $22.99 before tax, and shipping was about $5.00 (don't quote me on that because I honestly can't remember, I just remember not being annoyed by the shipping cost and usually anything over $5.00 irritates me), and I also ordered 2 blending brushes that Queen Jaclyn Hill uses in like 90% of her videos. 

So the order was placed and the shipment tracking stalking began. Side note, please tell me I am not the only one who checks your package shipment like 70 times a day? After 6 horribly long days of refreshing Safari, my new sweet baby arrived safe and sound. If you follow me on SnapChat then you were able to see a very long SnapStory of me documenting every little moment of opening that package for the first time, including super shaky shots of every single shadow swatch because I was so excited that I couldn't contain my excitement. 



Pictures of this pallet don't do justice to how vibrant the shadows really are in person, however the big test is swatching them. A lot of times you will see brands finger swatching shadows and even though it does show the color pigment very well, it often times does not show how the color pay off will be when applied with a brush. I went through and finger swatched each shadow which is picture below, and above is a picture applied with Morphe and BH Cosmetics brushes and I definitely think the color payoff for the price point is great. Honestly I was actually surprised at how much I liked this pallet. A great thing I noticed about this pallet was each shade clearly is different from the others unlike some Morphe pallets that have an entire row of nude neutrals that look barely different at all. There are multiple varieties of undertone in the shimmer shades so you have some icy shimmer, gold shimmer, neutral shimmer, and even some violet shimmer. The matte tones really are beautiful and I mean truly beautiful. I find myself reaching for at least one of them every day. The shimmer tones go on great by themselves with only a shadow primer/concealer, and apply even better when you apply so Fix+ or dampen the brush prior. 

There are a lot of positives with this pallet but definitely some negatives as well. One of the first things I noticed when swatching this pallet was the shadows are very dusty and very chalky in a very weird chainsaw dust type of way. The feel of the shadow isn't chalky at all, it actually feels smooth but when you are dipping your brush into the pan itself, the shadow gets everywhere like dust or chalk would. It's very messy and very annoying but you have to remember you are paying $22.99 for 35 shadows which equals out to $0.92 per shadow. Other than that I am pretty happy about this pallet. 

My overall decision on this brand is LOVE IT. The shadows I will most likely purchase again because the price point is actually very good for the quality you are getting but I don't se myself jumping on purchasing any of their brushes again. If I did it would be their blending foundation brush but that's even a huge maybe on that.  If you are someone just starting out in makeup OR you don't do you makeup a lot, then I don't se the brush shedding being a problem for you but being someone who does makeup very frequently, I needed something that stands up better. I definitely recommend you try the products yourself because when it comes to makeup, everyone has a different vibe to what they like. Morphe right now is definitely in my good graces and I will make sure to keep you all updated with any future purchases. 

When placing my order for this shadow pallet I also ordered two Morphe Brushes as well, which were the M441 and the M443. Jaclyn Hill uses this two brushes religiously in almost all of her videos so they have been on my list to purchase fo a very long time. Both brushes are meant for effortless upper and inner crease blending. Overall I am very 50/50 when it comes to the quality of the brushes. They do exactly what I need and want them to do, however the quality is not good at all. They pick up pigment the way I need them to but they shed like crazy. Even before my first use and just pulling them out of the packaging, there were very visible stay hairs all over the place that I had to pluck out, and almost every time after use I have to do the same thing again. I am actually scared to deep clean these brushes because I am worried that a good scrub will cause them to shed even more and then they will be unusable. I've seen many brushes from Morphe completely lose shape after washing, so right now I am doing the good ole brush cleaner and paper towel method. To be very very honest, I will only continue using these two until I purchase more high quality brushes that do the same thing. Once that happens I highly doubt I will ever use them again or repurchase them. I expected a lot more from Morphe on the quality of the brushes and was extremely disappointed. Now please don't get me wrong, they do what I need them to do perfectly and I have no complaints about the application itself, but no makeup brush should have that much shedding on a daily basis.

Morphe 35F Fall Into Frost Swatches! 

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