Everyone right now is all about the liquid lips and Maybelline definitely stepped up their game with this one. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid starts off as a creamy gloss and ends up drying into a soft matte texture with a moisturizing finish. This isn't a liquid matte that will leave your lips flakey, crusty, or dry either! Your lips will stay feeling luxurious with this beautifully vibrant formula, and for $7.99 you are able to get dupes of your favorite high end brands such as Kylie Lip Kits and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This mascara has been a ride or die of mine for years and this just happens to be Jaclyn Hills favorite drugstore mascara. Your lashes will not just be thickened but lengthened as well! If you are someone who loves a buildable mascara that is black as black can get, this will be your go to!

The hightlight Gods are shining down upon us with NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Nude and they did it with... Ready for this? A eyeshadow. Yes, this is meant as an eyeshadow but let me tell you, this has been the best highlighter I have ever used. If you like a soft icy highlight with very light shimmer, you will not find a better product than this. I have used this for over a year as my highlight and haven't used more than half of this little $2.00 bottle. I 100% believe NYX Ultra Pearl Mania sits right up there with the top highlighters of the business for the fraction of the cost. 

The holy grail dupe of MAC Paint Pot!  You're gonna get a little more of a shimmery undertone with this product compared to MAC but the consistency is almost identical for half the price, and you are getting more ounces as well!

Another moment where Jaclyn Hill and I are on the same page. Girl, can we just be best friends already? This gel linner is as matte and as black as it can gets, and it will last you FOREVER. I've had this exact one for probably 9 months and look at how full it still is! A great trick with any gel liner is when time gets the best of you it may start to dry up a little, so take any beauty oil and mix it in the product with a q-tip and you will be as good and moisturized as new!

We're flashing all the way back to middle school right now. This is the only black kohl eyeliner I have ever used consistently. The liner does not bleed or smear all over the place and the pigment is incredible! Let's completely skip past the fact that it is only $0.79, this is a must have for anyone wanting a beautiful dark silhouette add on to their makeup.

I've always loved Dou Lash Glue but I found that their black formula had a gray tint to it which would show up under your lashes unless you lined them afterwards, which honestly can be a pain in the butt. Kiss lash glue is black as night and just as tacky as Dou. One major difference between the two is Kiss in not as thick as Dou so you will need to make sure it is definitely tack before application, however is definitely more tacky. The aloe additive is also a major bonus because makes it way easier to clean the lashes when you go to reuse them which preserves the lashes longer.

I have never been a big fan of Chapstick or really any moisturizing lip product because I always personally feel my lips feel way worse after but I am so thankful I gave this little guy a try. Not just does this smell amazing, but with it's buttery consistency a little goes a long way. This tin will last you forever and keep your lips perfectly moisturized without a dried out feeling afterwards.

PSA! We've found a NARS Orgasm dupe! This product blew up Pinterest and took me months to find. Let me just say, this color is worth the hype. The product itself glides like butter very similar to Becca Cosmetics blushes and is beautifully blendable. The packaging itself is gorgeous but thepigment steals the show. Milani products with can be hard to find but I had the best luck at CVS.

I am always on the hunt for a great concealer. I love a great highlight/contour and a good concealer is the major key to a flawless look. I was so pleasantly surprised with this product. The coverage is FULL coverage and I mean full, however it does not feel heavy on your skin at all. Oh, and another bonus? MAC Pro Longwear Dupe over here!

I cannot stress this enough and I am going to get extremely serious for a second. The ONE makeup product I am EXTREMELY picky about is foundation. I don't mess around when it comes to that. My makeup drawer is FULL of barely used foundations (sorry hubby) because I know what I want in a foundation and I rather waste my money and not use something than use a product that doesn't fulfill my hearts foundation desires. I used the same Rimmel foundation for years (which is also mention in this post) and I had no desires to look elsewhere...Then YouTube happened. I started seeing Milani this, Milani that, and curiosity got the best of me. Y'all, this foundation takes the cake, the car, the million dollars, the everything. The coverage in this product is insane and it is extremely light weight. I use only two pumps daily with an addition to a drop of beauty oil and I just now at the three month mark am actually seeing that I made a dent in this product. I freakin' love it. Seriously, I recommend this to anyone and fully believe anyone who uses this will ditch their over priced foundation and become a Milani believer. The one and only very small downside is there is not a lot of color variety however for such a low price it is definitely a product you can mix and match to achieve your perfect shade.                                                                                                        

Alright, Alright I'll admit it. I jumped on the coconut oil train for a while but after some reasearch I discovered it is actually very bad for your skin. Bless my hubby because he found this in CVS and now I have no need to use another makeup remover like, ever. Your skin feels soft and refreshed afterwards and there is no residue left at all. A little goes a long way with this and it is able to take off even the deepest smokey eye without a problem. 

Bouncing off of my previous Milani post, this is the beautiful Rimmel foundation I was referring to. If you want full coverage for the toughest skin days, if you want a dewy look, OR if you even want a matted out look, this foundation does it all. I spent 5 years of my life in a full on committed relationship to this product. It is a thick mousse like foundation that when left alone without a setting powder leaves you with a beautiful all day dewy finish, or when used with a setting power provides a flawless matte finish. The color selection is also not wonderful with this line but I fully recommend mix and matching to find your desired tone. You can also use two different shades to give yourself a beautiful cream contour. I just love this foundation so much and this was my number one used foundation on all my clients back when I was doing makeup in the salon or for any events.

Jaclyn Hill made me do it, and goodness am I glad she did. I've always been very picky about primers,and by picky I mean I had zero belief they actually made a difference in your makeup. Then I saw Jaclyn use this and I could see the additional glow in her skin and I knew I needed to give it a try. Very similar to the Becca Backlight Primer, Magic Lumi adds a luminescent sheen under your foundation while filling in any visible pores at the same time. If you aren't big into foundation that you can wear this alone to give you a heavenly summertime glow while concealing any little imperfections you are wanting to hide.

Clearly the primer train hit me hard. This product exploded all over Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube all thanks to NikkieTutorials. Nivea Replenishing Post Shave is single handledy what made me a believer in primers and caused me to eventually try Loreal Magic Lumi. This product is LOADED with glycerin and glycerin is what makes your makeup stick to your face. Aside from having the classic men's scent to it (seriously why does men's stuff smell so much better than women's) it feels so cool and smooth on your skin, and you will instantly see a difference on how your makeup applies and also the longevity of it through the out the day. 

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