Do not let the smile fool you. I am struggling big time. I knew as my pregnancy progressed things would get harder, but I was not fully prepared. I feel so stupid even saying this because we have 7 weeks or less left so I still have a way to go so that pretty much means things are going to get worse. There have been 3 times in the past week alone where I have found myself on the verge of tears trying to make the decision on whether we need to go into the hospital or not. The rule of thumb in pregnancy is if you have 4 or more Braxton Hicks contractions in a 1 hour period, then you need to go into the hospital to make sure you are not in pre-term labor.  Doctors also say Braxton Hicks should in no way be painful but mine have been knocking the breath out of me and have been extremely painful. In addition to that, Adalyn has most definitely dropped... and big time.

The picture on the left is on February 14th and the picture on the right was taken March 2. Uh, little girl where did you go? That has added big time to my list of things to worry about because most people do not begin dropping until after week 36 and usually it happens right before they go into labor. I know me being short makes things a little different but it's so stressful when you dont know what qualifies as "different" and what qualifies as something you need to be concerned about. The pelvic pressure I mentioned in a previous post has gotten way worse too. I feel like she is going to fall out at any point while I am walking. Another really weird thing that I have noticed is every muscle in my body feels tired/sore. I read that this is because your body is releasing hormones to loosen the muscles in prep for labor but man, every day I feel like I went through a hardcore workout. I never ever sleep anymore but honestly I am becoming really okay with that. I knew sleep is going to be really hard and non-existent once Adalyn gets here, so I view it as my body is just getting me ready!

I really wish I could sound more happy and put more love into this blog post but even as I type this I am struggling through contractions and my arms hurting like hell. I cannot wait until Adalyn is here. I definitely think I've hit the point where all the fun and glamor of pregnancy is officially out the window. My poor husband is currently sitting next to me trying so hard to get me to smile and be in a good mood, but there's really so much of a happy mood you can be in when your body is going ape shit. I love this little girl so much and even if it was 50 times worse, I would be okay and go through it all over again. We're in the final stretch and soon enough, I will officially be a mommy!


We finally got to see our baby girl! Guys it had been 11 weeks... ALMOST 3 MONTHS since we got to see her beautiful face. Okay well she hid her face the entire ultrasound (again) so we really didn't get to see all of her face, but you get what I am saying.  So first things first is the elephant in the room. Many of you have been following our journey for quite some time now, so you know the backstory of our gender mix up. If you are new here, I am going to link two blog posts here that go more in depth so you can catch up!



Now that you are all caught up, let's go back to the elephant in the room. Yes, we went back to the place that first told us the wrong gender when we went in for our 14 week gender scan. I'm sure plenty of you are tilting your head in confusion as to why we would do that. After we found out we were having a girl, I ended up deleting about 6 blog posts that were centered around us having a boy and one of them was a detailed post about our early gender scan. I mentioned in that blog post that during the entire scan I didn't feel confident that we were having a boy. Our sweet baby was moving so damn much that the ultrasound tech mentioned "I can barely keep up with the baby" and it was in the last two minutes she said "Okay. It's a boy!". We were unable to get one single picture of a potty shot showing it was a boy because of the baby moving so much and something over all made me feel like she was wrong when we left there. We will now call it "Mommy Instinct". Flash forward to week 15 and week 19 of my pregnancy. My old OBGYN, who looking back on it was probably one of the worst medical professionals I have ever worked with, half ass looked to check the gender and said on those 2 different occasions that "It seems like it's a boy". THAT is what made me fully believe that we were having a boy. I knew going in at 14 weeks that there is a chance the gender can be wrong because boy parts and girl parts are very hard to tell the difference that early so I had zero issues or anger towards that facility. My anger came from the woman that went to years upon years of medical school who didn't care enough to actually look to see what gender our baby was because she was too busy rushing every damn appointment. 

I knew that we were going to go back to Peekaboo3D towards the end of our pregnancy for another ultrasound. I really cannot speak highly enough about this place. Even in the weeks after we found out the gender was wrong, I was still fully recommending them to people because the staff is so sweet and the experience itself is wonderful. I mean yall, we drive over an hour to go there when we could drive 20 minutes to another place closer. At the beginning of February I reached out to the owner of Peekaboo3D because I was just curious if they had any type of policy regarding future appointments if the gender ended up being wrong. Right off the bat, the owner was so freakin' sweet to me. I explained what had happened and made sure to explain that we were able to show proof ahead of time that it is in fact a girl and I wasn't lying because I was just trying to get a discounted service. She went into the system and checked our old images and are yall ready for this? She said "I am so sorry. I can tell by the first image taken that it is a girl. We had a new tech begin that month and that was her first weekend taking appointments without being shadowed. I was out of work that day so I was unable to verify any scans that she may have been unsure of. When you come back in, you will not be charged." I sat there in shock. Not shocked that she was so nice because they are always that nice, but because if this sweet lady had been there then we would've found out on the first shot that we were having a girl! Something about that was so heartwarming and in the moment made me cry. So we went ahead and scheduled our free appointment about 3 weeks out and then I began the countdown!

Our appointment was this past Saturday and we were extra excited because my in-laws were coming! Neither of them had seen any ultrasounds live yet so the fact that they were coming to experience a 3D one where I am far enough along to see what she really looks like, ugh that was wonderful! Our appointment was first thing in the morning so we had to get a very early start. We got there way before my appointment time so we had drove around site seeing just to waste time. Once they opened we were taken back to the room and within seconds we were looking at our baby girl! It's crazy how big they get so quickly because 11 weeks ago you were able to see her full body in the 2D imaging scan, but now she's so big that you can only see bits and pieces of the baby at a time. She switched us to 3D/4D live and there she was!

I couldn't help but start laughing and think "You have got to be kidding me!". Our daughter has had her hands in her face for every single ultrasound and sure enough, here she was again blocking out half of her face! I purposely drank a sugary drink right before the appointment so that she would be awake and moving but that backfired. It was strange because in the moments before walking back into the ultrasound room she was moving nonstop but she must have fallen asleep right before was started because she was not waking up. We spent the entire appointment flipping me in different directions, poking my belly, shaking my belly, stimulating laughter, and pretty much trying anything and everything to get her to wake up so she would move her hand from her face. Clearly she takes after her father who is impossible to wake up because nothing worked and she was out like a rock. Maybe this will work out when she's here and she will be a wonderful sleeper! We ended up getting 2 image print outs, their mobile app which allows all the images to be sent to my phone, and we also got a DVD of the entire session. I recommend anyone getting an elective ultrasound to get the DVD of it because being able to take that home and show my family who was unable to come, that was priceless. I have watched the DVD multiple times already and find myself in tears each time. I know this sounds crazy but I know there will be a day that my daughter will be getting married and I will be way older, sitting in front of the TV rewatching this ultrasound and crying my face out. 

As our appointment came to an end, I found myself overwhelmed with emotions. I realized that was our last elective ultrasound and that any future ultrasounds will be at my doctors office checking labor status. That is scary and beautiful at the same time. Pregnancy is a weird emotional roller coasted and that has nothing to do with the hormones. You begin pregnancy imagining your future having a huge belly and then having your baby. When you get halfway through the pregnancy those "I'm going to be a parent" feelings set in even more and you are becoming more and more overwhelmed with love for this little person every day. As you go on throughout the rest of the pregnancy and you are always feeling baby movement and baby kicks, it really begins hitting you that there's a real person in there. Then you find yourself in the final leg of the pregnancy. You sit there looking back confused. You remember all the puking and weird body changes but you dont know where time has gone. You begin to feel sad because you realize this part of the journey is coming to an end but the best part of the journey is coming ahead! I am so in love with our daughter and I become more and more in love with my husband every day when I see him become so excited for our daughter. I soak up every single belly kiss he does and every time he touches my belly randomly throughout the day. He still hasn't been able to feel her kick yet because she loves to stop right when he tries, but he has seen her moving in my belly plenty of times. I say this all the time and people give me weird looks, but one thing I am most excited about is seeing him see her for the first time. I cannot wait to see her but there is something about watching the man I love see his daughter for the first time, ugh it brings tears to my eyes! 

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I will do another update on Thursday for my 32 week update. I've been having horrible Braxton hicks contentions consistently every day and every night, which is starting to worry me. While we were at Peekaboo we were also told that she is already super head down so I definitely want to get all those things checked out!


Until next time yall! Β 

Here is Adalyn at 10 weeks, 14 weeks, 20 weeks, and 31 weeks with her hands in her face each time!

Here is Adalyn at 10 weeks, 14 weeks, 20 weeks, and 31 weeks with her hands in her face each time!


My pregnancy has been nothing close to glamorous. The only "glow" I have gotten has been directly related to drenching my cheekbones with Champagne Pop highlighter. Out of the almost 8 months I've been pregnant I have had a total of maybe 3 weeks were I've thought to myself "Oh, I'm actually enjoying this right now". 3 weeks guys... out of 31. I swear I am constantly saying to my mom or my husband "Oh my goshhhh, no one tells you about ____ ". As my pregnancy progressive towards it's final leg, I have made a list of pregnancy symptoms that have left me thinking "what the f***". Now, I am sure that I just jinxed myself and I will have a whirlwind of new weird symptoms happen over the next 9 weeks until Adalyn get's here, but here's what I have got so far!


You know that feeling of period cramps? Now take that, intensify it, add a severe burning/stretching sensation within the muscles itself, and throw in some random bolts of really sharp pains that last for extremely long periods of time, and there ya go! Holy crap. When I first experienced round ligament pain I was probably just out of my first trimester and had no idea what the hell was going on. I asked my OBGYN about it and she explained that it is perfectly normal (as all of these stupid crazy symptoms are) and it was just my bodies way of preparing to make room for the baby. So what that means is you are literally feeling your baby making area stretching itself out. Sounds lovely right?


Yeah guys, I'm throwing it all out there right off the bat. So you're growing a baby, right? Meaning your uterus is growing to make room for the baby, which is where the round ligament pain comes in. Well once your uterus hits a certain point in growth (for me this began at the beginning of my third trimester), your uterus is going to be pushing on all the lovely nerves in your cervix.  So wanna know what happens? You get random jolts of feeling like Ronda Rousey (pre-her 47 second knockout embarrassment) superman punched you right in the vag. That is not an overdramatic comparison either. I have talked to so many fellow moms about this and everyone says the same thing, "WTF is going on with my vagina and why the hell does it hurt so bad?". Oh, and the most wonderful part of it all is that when it's happening, it can make everything down there extremely swollen and the swelling can take a couple hours to go down. 


I wish you all could have seen the eye roll I just did after writing that. Braxton. Hicks. Contractions. These lovely pain in the ass contractions begin in your second trimester and will continue on and off up until the real contractions begin. All they are is your body giving you practice contractions to prepare for the real thing. So imagine walking in your kitchen and then boom, your entire stomach tightens up and you feel like you just got the wind knocked out of you. That's a Braxton Hicks contraction. I've had multiple doctors say they aren't supposed to be painful but I am calling BS on that because every single person I have talked to in regards of BH contractions has said how bad they hurt, so I do not know what our doctors are talking about. I have had them happen and be so painful that I will look at my husband and say "I have no idea how I am going to get through the real ones". Not just do they suck but they can and they will wake you up out of a dead sleep just to say hello.


Notice a trend how everything is pain related? Once I was halfway through my second trimester, the weight of my uterus began really taking it's toll. Some people do not realize how much and how quickly things down there are growing, and all that growth has to put pressure on something. Most of the time it's on some nerve somewhere. As I am sitting here typing, my lower back is throbbing. It feels as if you slept in the wrong position all night and pulled a muscle, but it feels like that all the time. What makes it even more wonderful is when the pain decides to shoot down your leg randomly which results in random leg spasms. 


Everyone knows heartburn/acid reflux is a normal pregnancy symptom, however it has been severely downplayed. Lets all take a journey to 4am this morning. I was woken up from a deep sleep with heartburn so bad that I found myself running to the bathroom because it was so strong it was causing me to vomit in my mouth. I do not know what the hell has happened in my third trimester but it has become way worse than it was in my first trimester. It does not matter what I eat or what I drink, by the time 5:00pm hits it begins and it will not go away until I am tired enough to sleep through it. As your reading this you're probably thinking "Okay dumbass, just take some tums". Guess what happens when tums slowly stop working so you take the max dosage everyday...


Never in a million years did I think I would talk about poop on my blog, yet here we are. The ONLY reason I am bringing this up is because I have been going through hell with this the past two weeks. Wanna know what happens when you take too many tums in addition to just regular third trimester symptoms? Constipation. Really really really bad constipation. I remember reading this as a pregnancy symptom and thinking "I've never had this issue". Well, it took 30 weeks but man was I wrong. Without getting into horrible details, lets just say taking the max dosage of tums everyday (with zero heartburn relief) results in a lovely 8 days of not being able to go. So imagine growing a baby and having that pressure in your lower body all the time and adding horrible stomach pains of a clogged booty on top of that. There were tears from me and loads of laughter from my husband. I swear guys, this was the most hilarious thing in the world to him. After talking to my OBGYN and being told what pregnancy approved medicine to get, it took a couple days but things finally happened and I've never been more thankful. Word of advice, make sure you are consuming fiber and lots of it. Especially as you progress further along in your pregnancy. It gets worse and it will happen. Embrace the fiber. Trust me on this one. 


They sneak up on you guys. Seriously. I have to have not one, but two fans going at night for me to sleep because I know there will be a random point in the middle of the night where I will wake up dripping in sweat otherwise. It gets bad enough that if my husband is snuggling me, even he will wake up and be sweaty from my excess body heat, and then he's the one thinking "wtf". I always dress in layers because I never know when I will be out and about and begin to feel like I just ran a marathon.


This hit hard towards the end of my second trimester and has only gotten worse. I recently was on the phone with my daughters godmother and she started laughing at how out of breath I was just from talking. The baby puts extra pressure on your lungs so something as simple as walking up the steps or even talking on the phone will me difficult. I constantly sound like I just got finished working out when all I did was get up and go to the bathroom.


I luckily have never had allergies and man, now that I am pregnant and my nose is always stuffy or running, I am extra thankful for that. The worst is when you find yourself waking up and unable to breath. It doesn't matter how many times you blow your nose, it wont go away. The increased blood flow throughout your body causes your nose to get stuffy, so you just have to embrace it and buy a lot of tissues.


I am not a forgetful person. I pride myself on overall being very organized.... then I got pregnant. I will be in mid-conversation and stop talking because I forgot what I was going to say. I can be running around the house looking for my phone... my phone that I am using as a flashlight to look for my phone. It's a real thing guys and no amount of post it notes reminding you things will help. 


I used to laugh when I would read about people peeing themselves while pregnant, until I found myself in my second trimester in the middle a sneezing fit... and then it happened. I remember freaking out and my husband laughing. If you haven't noticed, he finds pregnancy hilarious. It is embarrassing but remember that a freakin' baby is pressing on your bladder at all times. As the baby gets larger, the pressure gets bigger and more intense. I will feel my daughter move onto my bladder and be running to the bathroom. Get some pantyliners because they will become your best friend as you get closer and closer to labor.