If you are someone who loves and knows beauty brands, then there's a pretty good chance you have heard of Philosophy before. I had my first experience with a Philosophy product a couple years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. I found myself stumbling through Ulta looking to waste money and found a shower body wash that was on sale and figured "why not". Little did I know I was about to find the most incredible scented product... ever. Seriously, to do this day I still think about how good it smelled but have not been able to find it anywhere! 

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you may remember a previous blog post I did including a list of products that completely changed my skin. If you want to catch up, I will link it here. Since those products made such a fast and quick difference on my skin, I have had no desire to look elsewhere. Honestly guys, I currently have the best and clearest skin of my life. Now I do think I owe just a little bit of that to my pregnancy and also because I am not wearing makeup as much anymore, but I have only had 3 pimples on my face since August and I know my skincare routine has a lot to do with it.

My mother has been huge on Philosophy products for the past couple years. We are a very sensitive skin family so when we find something that works, we stick with it. Recently my mom had switched to fully organic products, so unfortunately all her Philosophy products had to get the boot. Luckily for me, that meant I received a text message asking if I wanted all her old stuff and I jumped at saying yes as quickly as possible. I knew I wasn't going to stop my current skincare routine but I definitely looked forward to trying out some new products, seeing if they were worth the hype, and then sharing my findings with you guys! 

So lets get started!

Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser


This was the main product I was most excited to try because this is by far Philosophy's best selling and most famous product. The first thing I noticed was the smell. I think because I went into this with a mental memory of the best smelling body wash in the history of man kind, I was disappointed by the smell.  Honestly it has a tiny bit of a harsh chemical smell to it but I am the kind of person who can look past a smell of something if the product does what I need it to do. My first impression when using the product as a cleanser was the product feels extremely smooth and soft on my skin. It bubbles up very quickly which is something I really look for in a face wash. I usually give my skin a good 30-45 second soft scrub every time I wash my face just to make sure I get all the impurities from the day fully out, and it stayed bubbly the entire time. After I wash my face with a new product the first thing I look for is skin irritation. My skin tends to get extremely read very quickly. I was shocked when I rinsed off, pat my face off with a towel, looked up, and saw almost no redness in my skin. I love my current cleanser and it doesn't calm the redness down anywhere close to the way Purity has. That alone has me hooked and I would definitely purchased this product for future use to alternate back and forth with my current cleanser.

I would 100% recommend this product to any of my family, friends, and followers!

Anti-Wrinkle miracle worker eye


I am 26 and have no need for an anti-wrinkle anything, but definitely was going to give this a shot to for a few weeks to see if there were any quick visible differences. First thing I noticed when using this was it is really thick and has a slightly greasy feel to it. The moment I applied it under my eyes, things started really burning. I had just washed my face with Purity and had zero signs of skin irritation, so this was surprising. After the product set for a while it "de-greasafied" but still burnt really bad to the point where my eyes were watering. I am unable to say whether that was the product itself, the fact I have really sensitive skin, or if it was because I was completely switching up my skincare routine and my skin was in shock mode. I tried it a few more times and each time it burnt slightly less so I am leaning more towards my skin had to get used to it.

This is a product I feel you need to use for a long time to fully get results and you also have to not be 26 years old, so I don't really have a full opinion on the product either way. One thing I do know is my mom has used it for years and her skin looks like she's 22 years old, so it's gotta be good. 

Hope In A Jar 


I had really high hopes for this product. I am a sucker for moisturizers because they truly are one of the best things for you skin. I was extremely disappointed disappointed in the over all feel of this product. When I apply a moisturizer, I want my skin to instantly feel hydrated. This doesn't work like that. The product itself is difficult to spread, which is strange because it is not thick. It is a normal consistency but I found myself having to keep going back and grabbing more over and over again because it wasn't spreadable. Once I finally got it all over my face, my skin felt tight and dryer then before I even washed my face. I have never had this happen with a moisturizer before because it should be the opposite. I decided to be patient and wait to see how things were in the morning.

This is when things got weird. I woke up the next day and my skin felt wonderful. Yeah, crazy right? It felt extremely moisturized and looked incredible. Usually when I wake up in the morning I have a lot of visible redness from moving around on the pillow the night prior. There was none of that. As I continued to use the product over the next few weeks, it was the same thing every night and every morning. So my ending conclusion on this product is it totally does what it says it's going to do, but if you want an instant hydrated feeling then you may be like me and be iffy on it. I personally would not spend that amount of money on something that doesn't hit every check point I need in a moisturizer. My skin did look great but it wasn't a big enough difference from my $20.00 CeraVe moistueizer for me to be hooked.

Anti- Wrinkle Miracle Worker Moisturizer 


This little guy took me by surprise. Similar to the previous anti-wrinkle under eye cream above, I really cannot judge how it performed with wrinkles. However I can definitely tell you that this made my skin feel wonderful. It had that instant hydration feeling that was missing in Hope In A Jar. If Hope In A Jar had the same texture and over-all feel as this product did, then I would've been 100% all for it. This left my skin feeling so hydrated. The texture is very soft and buttery. There is no greasy feel once your finished applying. It spreads beautiful across my face and didn't require much product to do so. I loved every bit of this moisturizer. 

I had identical morning results as I did with Hope In A Jar. I woke up and my skin looked better than ever, felt incredible, and the help my makeup apply flawlessly. This is definitely a product that I will go back when the time comes and I am in need for a wrinkle cream.